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Art TV, Film, and Production Programs

Post Production in Process


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NGen Ed Consulting is a leading educational consulting company that specializes in helping school districts create cutting-edge TV, Film, and Production programs that prepare students for success beyond graduation.


Our team of experts has years of experience in the field of education and is dedicated to helping schools achieve their goals. We believe that by providing students with the right tools and resources, we can help them become college and career-ready before they even leave high school.

Our approach is grounded in research and best practices, and we work closely with schools to tailor our services to their specific needs. We understand that every school is unique, and we are committed to providing personalized support and guidance to help them achieve their goals.


  • General Consulting and Program Assessment:

  • Program Recommendations:

  • Program of Studies Assistance:

  • Curriculum Writing Assistance:

  • Perkins Grant Assistance:

  • Professional Development:

  • Partnership and Industry Connection:

  • Mentorship for Educators

  • Educator Recruitment and Certification Assistance:

  • Student Workshops and Trainings:

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Lead by TV & Film Production teacher and founder of NGen Ed Consulting, Norman Ingram has over 15+ years of educational experience at Winslow Township High School as well as 20+ years of film production experience. NGen Ed Consulting has worked with students throughout South Jersey to help develop some of the leading professionals in the TV and Film Industry nation wide. 

Production Crew


"There are few people who can come into your life and make such a profound impact…Norm Ingram aka “Mr.I” is one of them.."

Courtland Bragg, NFL Films 3x Emmy Award Winning Director / Producer

Video Gallery
"MY JOY HAS ARRIVED" - Winslow Township H.S. Studio 106

"MY JOY HAS ARRIVED" - Winslow Township H.S. Studio 106

"My Joy Has Arrived" is the story about Nigerian born 15 year old Junior, Ayomide Ogunsola and his journey to find joy through basketball despite the challenges of being new to the game and the United States. 100% Student Produced By: Studio 106 Spring 2023 (Winslow Township High School) Software: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Podcast, Filmstro Pro Directed By: Malcolm Smallwood and Briyel Brown (Class of 23') Director of Photography: Malcolm Smallwood (Class of 23') Editors: Briyel Brown (Class of 23'), Joshua Jordan (Class of 23'), Terry Harris (Class of 24') Narrator : Manani Brown (Class of 23') Lighting: Terry Harris (Class of 24') Sound Recording: Derek Jordan (Class of 24') Co-Writers: Briyel Brown (Class of 23'), Malcolm Smallwood (Class of 23'), Joshua Jordan (Class of 23') Production Assistants: John Ehabe (Class of 23'), Thomas Loveland (Class of 24'), Skye McMillan (Class of 24') Drone Operators: Xavier Middlebrook (Class of 24"), Nathaniel Jones (Class of 23') Original Song: "Dreams" Written and Performed By: John "Joni" Ehabe Original Song: "I Guess the Stars Align with Us" Written and Performed By: Shaheed "Shaddi G" Matthews Subject: Ayomide "Ayo" Ogunsola Teacher / Producer: Norman "Coach I" Ingram *AWARDS*: 1st PLACE -2023 3rd Annual NFL Films High School Film Festival 2nd PLACE- 2024 Garden State Film Festival Student Category QUARTER FINALIST - 2023 Student World Impact Film Festival 1st PLACE - 2024 FILM NOW Regional High School Film Festival Please support Winslow Township High School by Subscribing to the WTHS Studio 106 YouTube Channel.
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